White Rabbit Trail

The White Rabbit Trail is 5 miles of hills and views and dogs and bikes. The perfect combination of all those things. The backbone of all Ashland Trails.

Driving – A 10 minute drive from Ashland Plaza takes you to the White Rabbit trail head. Take Main Street south through town and turn right on Gresham at the library. Go uphill until you hit Holly and turn right. Holly dead ends into Terrace so turn left there. Terrace ends at Ashland Loop road which is an intersection at the Crowson Reservoir. Don’t look for a lake, it looks like an underground cement UFO. Turn left at the UFO and wind along Ashland Loop road until you hit Morton Street. It’s a confusing ‘Y’ intersection so remember to stay right and continue on Ashland Loop Road uphill. Within 300 feet it will become a dirt road. Classic country road etiquette applies here. When you encounter oncoming traffic, creep to the right at a wide section of the road to pass. You’ll have 1 mile of this adventure until the road ends at the parking lot.

Parking – A large dirt lot with an info sign and porty-pottys during the busy season.

The Trail – From the parking lot there are a couple trails heading up to White Rabbit. It’s a little confusing because there are separate hiking and mountain biking sections – and The Caterpillar Trail attaches at some point, and then Mike Uhtoff and The Queen of Hearts Trail come in a little later. There are a number of signs so don’t space out right away. Keep your eyes open and use your reading skills. After the initial climb, White Rabbit settles in to a perfect hillside trail. All of the Alice in Wonderland side trails that intersect with you are short, and will reconnect, so take them at your leisure. Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Looking Glass, and Queen of Hearts are all loops to some degree that will eventually return to The White Rabbit.

At the top of the ridge, after about a mile or so, you will see a very inviting bench with a great view. Behind the bench is where the Mike Uhtoff Trail, and The Queen of Hearts Trail join you.
White Rabbit then continues downhill for over a mile with a number of switchback and hidden benches with great views to the south. Officially it ends when it hits the intersection at the top of the Oredson-Todd Trails. From here you could also head straight out on the fire road to the top of Park Street. If you turn around now you have a nice 5-ish mile trail, but there are miles of creekside trails you can add right here if you need more hiking. Explore and have a great time!

Video Tour of White Rabbit Trail