Upper Table Rock

Upper Table Rock is a great, under 3 mile, work-out trail with the spectacular views you’d expect.

Driving – A 35 minute drive from Ashland Plaza. Get to Interstate 5 and head towards Medford. Good news, you’re going right past Medford and exiting at Central Point on Exit 33. Turn right on Pine Street and take that a mile to Table Rock Road. Left there and away you go. Continue on for a few miles as you watch the Table Rocks getting bigger. (Note to stoners: They’re not growing before your eyes, it’s just how perspective works.) The road begins to bend to the left and you’ll see a larger intersection, with good signage for Upper Table Rock, and you’ll make a right turn on Modoc Rd. That heads straight towards Table Rock (Note to stoners: Don’t freak out, you will stop before hitting the rock.) Modoc makes a 90 degree right and soon you’ll see a well marked parking lot to the left.

Parking – The free lot has loads of parking, but busses of kids might just show up so if you must, you can park all over the road.(Stoners! Don’t park in the middle of the road! Pull onto the berm!) There are fancy pit toilets right there.

The Adventure -Upper Table Rock is about a mile uphill. Not a lot of shade so skip the 105 degree days. It’s a pretty constant grade so if you want to skip the elliptical machine on hike day, you’ll still get a decent workout. It’s a very well maintained trail and very busy. You will not be lonely, it’s a pretty famous trail.

At the top it’s a free-for-all. Little trails head in all directions. You could hike for miles if you want as the shape of the table is a ‘U’ and you can do whatever you want. Most people head to the left for a view of Medford and Mount Shasta beyond. That walk is less than half a mile. Despite the number of people up here, there are plenty of spots to climb around the rocks on the edge and get some peace and quiet. Views are fantastic all over the place. If you hate views, there are some shady wooded edges of the mesa where you can grab a perfect nap.

Don’t bring your dog. You’d have to leave him in the car, and that would make you a jerk.

Video Tour of Upper Table Rock