Roxy Ann Trail

Roxy Ann Trail in Prescott Park up to Roxy Ann Peak is 4-6 miles of busy trail. It’s busy, you can bike much of it, you can wear your fancy yoga pants, lots of picnic spots… it’s multi-use in the good, and the bad, sense.

Driving – Roxy Ann Trail is a 20 minute drive from Ashland Plaza. Get to Interstate 5 and head north towards Medford. Exit at Phoenix and try to turn right on Phoenix Road. (The construction at that off-ramp is ridiculous. Roads are always changing. Write your congressman and ask him which of his 12 year old nieces he awarded the design and building contract to.) Phoenix Road will hit Cherry Lane where you will turn right. That becomes slightly rural and curves to the left ending at Hillcrest Road where you’ll turn right. Quickly turn left on Roxy Ann Road where there will be some Prescott Park signage. The road becomes dirt, but well graded and maintained. At the second yellow pipe you’ll see signs telling you not to drive any further even though it looks like you should be able to continue on. (There is a rock quarry up ahead and only loud, giant gravel trucks are allowed up there)

Parking – Pull over to the side of the road before the yellow pipe gate. There is no real “designated” parking area, but it’s a busy trail so you should see plenty of other cars there.

The Adventure – You could just continue walking up the dirt road. It goes for maybe 3 miles all the way to the top of Roxy Ann Peak. There are sweeping views and picnic tables. You could ride your bike. That is the simplest “hike”, but it’s really more of an “uphill walk on dirt.”

A more interesting way to do the Roxy Ann Trail is to take the Madrone Trail uphill to your right. There’s an olde timey wooden sign marking the trail. When that hits Oak Trail… Don’t take Oak Trail! It just goes to a picnic table. Instead, cross the gravel truck road and take Manzanita Trail (another olde timey wooden sign). That will zig-zag up the mountain side all the way to the top.

At the top, you can walk over to the base of the tower, but it’s surrounded with barbed wire and fencing. Pretty anti-climactic. There is another viewpoint nearby, across the top of the mountaintop, with a picnic table that has a decent view. It’s pretty rocky and not what you’d call inviting, but it’s all there is. A small trail heads down from that table area and goes down the other side of the mountain. That is the Ponderosa Trail (olde timey wooden sign at the bottom of the trail) and it ends at a picnic area at a fire road.

Take that fire road back to the spot where you crossed the road and started the Manzanita Trail. From there, you can return down the Madrone Trail to your car. You could just take the fire road all the way back to your car if you’d rather, but that’s a little longer and more dusty and has more gravel trucks.

Video Tour of Roxy Ann Trail