Pinecrest Ditch Trail

Pinecrest Ditch Trail is a level, 3 mile out & back trail above town with nice views.

Driving – A 7 minute drive from Ashland Plaza start south on Main Street/Siskiyou towards the university. Just before the university turn right on South Mountain Ave and when it hits Prospect, turns left. Then a quick right on Elkader Street and take that until it becomes gravel and hits Pinecrest Terrace.

Parking – Park along the side of Elkader.

The Trail – The Talent Irrigation Ditch (TID) runs all along the city, and has intermittent public trail access all along it’s length. This route follows the ditch from Elkader to Park Street. You will start by walking along the gravelly section of Pinecrest Terrace. This is above the ditch and not really a trail per se, but it has a beautiful canopy and just past Woodland Drive, on your left, a small dirt path and bridge starts the Ditch Trail. The trail starts thin, for hikers only really, and then as it crosses Pinecrest for a second time, it widens out and is more “multi-use.” After you cross Park Street, you have about a quarter mile and the road dead ends. Oh, you’ll know it. The barbed wire and “Go Away” signs are pretty insistent. That’s about a mile and a half total, and you can then turn around and go back.

You can add to this trail by heading up Park Street to the Oredson-Todd Trails or the White Rabbit and Mike Uhtoff trails. From your parkings spot on Elkader, you can also add to your hike by heading into the woodlot on your right. The trail is not well marked at all, but if you look at the Cottle Ditch Trail map, you can wind your way all the way to Lithia Park.

Video Tour of Pinecrest Ditch Trail