Pilot Rock Trail

Pilot Rock Trail is 3 miles out and back, fairly well traveled and nicely maintained. This trail is easy enough for a group of beginners with a nice challenge at the end for the adventurers.

Driving – It’s a quick 35 minute drive from Ashland mostly along Interstate 5 but… it includes a bumpy couple miles at the end that might make your Prius uncomfortable and dirty. Don’t let that stop you! It’s worth it.

Parking – is in a decent sized, dirt lot, and the trail head is super obvious.

The Trail – The first 1/2 mile of the trail is an easy uphill. The second 1/2 mile of the trail gets thinner and it coincides with the PCT (Say hello to Reese Witherspoon for me). And the last 1/2 mile of this out-and-back trail gets steeper and steeper until the last 300 yards. That is hand over hand rock climbing to reach the spectacular 360 degree views from Pilot Rock. You don’t need rope or special climbing skills, but you do need to be pretty fit and very sure footed… and even then you could fall and break your neck. Like Socrates always says, “Know Thyself.”

There are some great stopping points for a snack, pockets of wild flowers, one girl said she saw a bobcat last week, and if you reach the top… fantastic cell phone reception!

Pilot Rock Topo

Download this pdf by clicking the map!

Video Tour of Pilot Rock Trail