Oredson-Todd Trails

The Oredson-Todd Trails are a 3 mile series of shaded, creek-side hiking trails and a mountain bike connector to the White Rabbit Trail.

Driving – This 12 minute drive from Ashland Plaza starts south on Main Street/Siskiyou through town towards the university. Pass the university and in a couple miles you’ll turn right at the traffic light for Toleman Creek Road. In a few blocks you’ll turn right on Green Meadows Way and your first left will be Lupine Drive. Turn left and you’re there.

Parking – There is room for 3 or 4 cars right there at the information sign at the trail head. Don’t start driving up that tempting driveway. Even though it is usable as a trail, it’s really just a driveway and there is no parking up there. You can always park back on Green Meadows Way.

The Trail – From the main information sign it’s easiest to just walk forward on the bark path through what feels like someone’s front lawn. Maybe it is, but the beginning of Oredson-Todd is mish-mash of public-private paths and driveways. You will get to the creek bed and see a web of small trails criss-crossing the creek. You can head upstream for about a mile before the trails end – and across the creek you will connect to White Rabbit and Park Street if you wish. If you exit the trail system upstream a ways you will see a substantial Oredson-Todd trail sign. However… you can’t park there, and it seems to be along a private driveway – which you have access to – but the whole thing seems odd. Like a private community is “allowing regular people” to use their trail but making it slightly inconvenient to do so. It is totally public, just seems odd. But the creek is cool and the bridges are cool and the trails are cool, so go there and be cool.

Video Tour of Oredson-Todd Trails