Mike Uhtoff Trail

Mike Uhtoff Trail is a 4 mile hiking-only trail above the city of Ashland.

Driving – This 10 minute drive from Ashland Plaza starts south through town towards the University. Pass the university and in a couple miles you’ll hit Park Street and turn right. Park Street is a steep uphill drive that dead ends in under a mile. Yes, you should stop your car before the private driveway that continues on at the end of the road.

Parking – Park on the street just like a regular homeowner. Don’t forget to cock your tires and set your parking brake!

The Trail – At first you feel like you’re walking uninvited up a stranger’s driveway, but don’t worry, it IS a stranger’s driveway but there’s an open invitation. The driveway turns right, and the asphalt turns into your classic gated dirt fire road. You’ll continue for under a mile until you hit a substantial trail hub. There will be the large trail sign with maps, warnings, and such. The Oredson-Todd trails are to your left. (Some people prefer to start Mike Uhtoff from Oredson-Todd) The large trail uphill to your right is White Rabbit Trail. Mike Uhtoff parallels White Rabbit the entire distance so why two trails? Well White Rabbit is wider and “Multi-Use” and Mike Uhtoff is more shaded and “Hiking-Only”.

I’m not sure officially where Mike Uhtoff starts, but I’m saying it’s just behind the main info sign here at the big trail hub… just to the left of the dog poop bags. You’ll head uphill for about a mile, crossing White Rabbit as you go. At the top of the ridge you will meet up with White Rabbit again at the quintessential View-of-Ashland bench. You can even find the Queen of Hearts trail here. Not well marked at all, and a sandy uphill start, Queen of Hearts is one of many side trails you’ll cross. Now back to Mike Uhtoff, you’ll be above White Rabbit for the next mile or so. A gentle downhill slope until Mike Uhtoff just kind of blends into the Alice in Wonderland trails. There are a number of small signs and side trails and since Mike Uhtoff is a newer trail, it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. You should meet up with White Rabbit at some point and continue to the parking lot at the top of Ashland Loop Road and the White Rabbit Trail Head. That’s the end. Turn around and go back. (Some people prefer to start at Ashland Loop Road, but describing how to find Mike Uhtoff from there is more confusing)

Video Tour of Mike Uhtoff Trail