Lithia Park Trail

Lithia Park is the crown jewel of Ashland. 2 miles of well groomed and landscaped main trail with all the park facilities and duck ponds you could ever want!

Driving – From Ashland Plaza… just stay there.

Parking – Good luck anywhere along the park. It’s touristy so check your signs for city vehicle parking and the tricky 15 minute only spots.

The Trail – The main trail through the park is about a mile long. Mostly covered in bark chips and for pedestrians only. Follow Ashland Creek and you’ll cross a couple of delightful bridges, picnic areas, fire pits, and the main park office. You can explore the park whenever you wish to leave the main trail and visit the tennis courts, the amphitheater, the Oriental Garden, the playground, or just go splash around in the creek. The trail peters out and most people will turn around when it turns to dirt and heads uphill with a series of railroad tie stairs. You could continue up that smaller hillside trail and within another mile, you will reach the swimming hole/reservoir at the top of Lithia Park. There are many side trails to take, but you can always find the creek and head downstream to get back to Ashland Plaza and a refreshing drink of delicious Lithia water.

Video Tour of Lithia Park Trail