Lithia Park Hillside Trails

The Lithia Park Hillside contains 5 miles of trails spread along the hillside above Lithia Park. Constantly connecting back to the main trail with the illusion of being somewhere remote.

Driving – From Ashland Plaza… just stay there.

Parking – Good luck anywhere along the park. It’s touristy so check your signs for city vehicle parking and the tricky 15 minute only spots.

The Trails – All along the main Lithia Park trail are small dirt trails heading uphill into the oak trees. Most of them are most noticeable by their “Beware of Poison Oak” signs. Don’t let that scare you off of them. Oh, there is poison oak up there, but you’re aren’t hiking up there barefoot in a bikini planning to roll around in the weeds are you?… Are you!? Well don’t do that. There are about 5 miles of trails criss crossing the hillside. They do run up to Fork Street and Glenview Drive which parallel and overlook Lithia Park so you can really look at those roads as part of your trail.

It is easy to get slightly confused at the various intersection up on the hillside. Sometimes you think you’re on a trail and it just ends, but that’s part of the adventure! Just know that you can never get too lost. Downhill always gets you back to Lithia Park, and uphill will alway end up at Glenview Drive. Otherwise, if you are tenacious, you will ultimately find the Swimming Hole/ Reservoir at the top of Lithia Park. You CAN just head into the hills and hike around, but if you are the least bit worried, just look at a map here on this site and get an idea of where the trails lead.

It is amazing how remote you can quickly feel up here. It’s pretty great. The deer up here are also a little more plentiful – and as Ashland deer are wont to be, a little more entitled. The hills are a momentary balm from the hustle and bustle of the crazy city life that is Ashland. And by that, I mean that it’s a little quieter and nicer than somewhere that is already pretty quiet and nice.

Video Tour of Lithia Park Hillside Trails