Lewis Loop(s)

Lewis Loop is a 2.5 mile trail above the White Rabbit Trail system.

Driving – The 15 minute drive (or 30 minute bike ride) is tricky (and uphill) and includes a mile of single lane dirt road (still wanna ride your bike?) Check our map carefully because the Ashland Loop Road turn off at Morton Street is not obvious.

Parking – You dead end into the decent sized dirt parking lot. Porta-Potties are the only facilities, and that’s only during the busy season (summer?)

Hiking – From the parking lot hike up Ashland Loop Road which is now blocked by the ubiquitous yellow pipe gate. About 1/2 mile up you will see signs to the right saying “Red Queen”, “Lizard”, “Jabberwockey”, and “Caterpillar”. Watch out for “Lizard” – that has mountain bikes shooting out of it! Take Caterpillar to the right and power-hike uphill for about a quarter mile. At the top of that hill, there will be a trail off to the right. The new sign will say Lewis Loops so you’ll know you are there.

50 yards in, there is a ‘T’ and that is where the loop begins/ends. Take it either direction and the trail will loop back to that same spot. Maybe it’s some kind of mind blowing mobius-strip time-machine, or… it’s just a 2 mile loop. Okay, 2 loops – Gyre and Gimble.

There are no specific viewpoints, but there are some views and it’s nice and remote and… those dirty mountain bikers aren’t allowed, so that’s always nice. Word on the mountain is that an Eagle Scout is going to put a picnic table at the end of the new loop at Lewis Lookout, so keep an eye out for that this summer. (it’s 2017 right now by the way).

Video Tour of Lewis Loop