Jacksonville Woodlands Trails

The Jacksonville Woodlands Trail system is over 6 miles of trails above the Britt Festival in Jacksonville.

Driving – It’s a 30 minute drive from Ashland to Jacksonville. Head up the 5 and exit at the Phoenix off-ramp (if you find the DOT nimrod who designed this stupid interchange, please give them a wedgie for me). Turn left to Route 99 and then turn right heading north. Turn left on South Stage Road and head into the countryside. You’ll dead end into Griffin Creek Road so turn right, then, dead-end into South Stage road again so turn left. That will take you into Jacksonville and the road will become California Street. Once you are through town and pass the Oregon Street intersection, veer right into the library parking lot.

Parking – Park anywhere in this giant Library/Britt Festival adjacent parking lot.

Hiking – There’s a short 1 mile nature hike starting right below The Britt Festival and running along the stream. From there you can head uphill into a number of trails. If you start ABOVE the Britt Festival, you will start with the Rich Gulch trails and then wind your way back downhill to the stream. Either way, grab a map in one of the trailhead bins. Super helpful – almost imperative.

Every 20 feet of trail here gets it’s own name but don’t let that confuse you. Grab a map and get lost in this labyrinth of trails. You won’t get too lost, but you will get lost.

Video Tour of Jacksonville Woodlands