Hald Strawberry Trails

The Hald Strawberry Trails are 2 miles of quiet, hilltop trails in a small park at the top of Strawberry Lane.

Driving – A 4 minute drive from Ashland Plaza. Take Windburn Way along Lithia Park and quickly turn right on Nutley. You’ll head up a steep hill and will turn right on Scenic. Within a mile, at a 5 way intersection, you’ll veer left uphill on Grandview Drive. Grandview swoops left a bit and makes a 90 degree left, turning into Sunnyview Drive. Take that until it dead ends into the trail head.

Parking – Park along the curb. It’s a newer housing area, so it feel all “exclusive/privatey,” but it’s a city road just like anywhere else.

The Adventure – The Hald Strawberry Trails are great for locals, but not really great enough to go too far out of your way to visit. If you’re dog walking on the Grandview Ditch Trail above Scenic Drive, they are a bracing uphill addition. The Manzanita are gnarled and witchey and there are a smattering of exceptional wild flowers. The Ponderosa Pine at the top are majestic and inspiring, and the viewpoint benches offer imperfect glimpses of Ashland and Grizzly Peak. Okay, I’ve used up my fancy adjectives for this post.

You can enter the trails from Sunnyview Drive using the white fence lined trail, or you can enter off of Strawberry Lane at Hitt Road. However, you can enter the Ditch Trail off of Grandview Drive and access the Hald Strawberry Trails from there as well.

A delightful bonus: the trail extends from Sunnyview – weirdly close to a new home -downhill, over a creek, to Westwood Street. It’s a great little hidden bridge and worth a couple minutes of exploring.

Video Tour of The Hald Strawberry Trails