Grouse Gap

Grouse Gap is an area on Mt. Ashland accessible by this 5 mile trail loop.

Driving – It’s a 45 minute drive to the top o0f Mount Ashland and the beginning of the Grouse Gap adventure.  Get on Interstate 5 any way you can and head towards California.  Take the Mount Ashland exit and follow the signs.  You will take a right turn soon after you exit the Interstate.  That road winds all the way to the top of Mount Ashland and the ski area. Continue for a few hundred yards and you may reach a yellow gate where you’ll have to park and begin your hike.

In the summer, that gate is open! You can drive all the way on a gravel road to the Grouse Gap shelter, or Mt. Ashland peak. I’m not really sure how far you can drive on the dirt roads, but you can scoot around on the mountain for quite a bit if you have the right truck.

Parking – There is an infinite amount of free parking!  Depends on the season as to how close you can get to the trail you want to be on. And, depends on your car. The bigger your tires, the further you can drive and park.

The Trail – 

Video Tour of Grouse Gap