Grandview Ditch Trail

Grandview Ditch Trail is a level, shaded 3 mile out-and-back trail above Lithia Park.

Driving – This 5 minute drive starts along Lithia Park on Windburn Way. Quickly, you turn right on Nutley Street and head uphill. Turn right on Scenic Drive and you’ll hit a 5 way intersection. Take the soft left onto Grandview Drive. ┬áKeep your eyes open to the left and look for a dirt road that doubles as the driveway for a house. It’s easy to miss… but that’s why it’s great!

Parking -Warning! This is September of 2017 and we have a new parking problem. Right now you can’t park off of Grandview. You have to go further up and park on Sunnyview Drive or all the way over on Strawberry lane. But do I now have to call this the “Sunnyview Ditch Trail?” I don’t think so.

The Trail – The first mile is wide and flat and very shady. If the ditch has water in it, it feels like a fancy landscaper made you your own little creek. If not, it just looks like a ditch. Uphill from you are the Hald-Strawberry trails and you can hike those if you want to… but they are UPhill. When you hit Strawberry Lane, the trail gets smaller and continues along the ditch. It’s really great and feels secluded even though you’re just uphill from a bunch of homes. Two trails head downhill from the ditch trail and end up at Granite Street. If you’d like, you can take one trail down, walk along Granite Street for a bit, and then hike up the second trail. Both trails cut through private-ish property so they are not super obviously marked, but it is totally worth figuring out. The ditch trail does dead end into private property so you will have to turn around and just go back at some point.

Video Tour of Grandview Ditch Trail