Fell On Knee Trail

Fell On Knee Trail is a 1.7 mile section of this 6 mile loop.

Driving – Fell On Knee is a 2 minute drive from Ashland Plaza. Take Windburn Way along Lithia Park and quickly turn right on Nutley. You’ll head up a steep hill and before you dead end, you will turn left on Alnut. Alnut hits Strawberry Lane and you’ll turn right there. More uphill (this is why we’re driving) past Hitt Road and turn left on the new, suburban, Birdsong Lane.

Parking – This is a new little neighborhood so there is some decent street parking. It feels weird, but the Birdsong Trail is right there, and this trail was part of the deal when they wanted to build their fancy houses up here.

The Trail – Fell On Knee is 1.7 miles from your car. The tiny Birdsong Trail sign is hidden between two houses. Take that trail a couple hundred yards to Hitt Road.  Continue up Hitt a mile and a half and you’ll see Fell On Knee peel off to the left.  This new trail comfortably climbs through open pine forests. It feels like you’re going downhill even when you are going up! The final climb pops you out on Hitt Road.

Head downhill on Hitt, past the old slash clearing, and just before you reach the beginning of Fell On Knee again, turn left – back uphill – and we’ll add the shady, single-track trail Lower Moai. The trail splits immediately, the left split is the Mystical Trail – save that for another day. The right split heads straight uphill for – don’t worry – just 50 yards. Then there is a very subtle split to the right. That is Lower Moai and that’s what you take.

Lower Moai follows the ridge above Hitt Road but is in the shade. About a mile long and then it rejoins Hitt Road and you have about a half mile back, don’t forget the left on Birdsong, back to your car.

Video Tour of Fell On Knee Trail