Bandersnatch Trail

The Bandersnatch Trail is a hiking only, 3 to 6 mile, uphill trail at the far end of Lithia Park.

Driving – From Ashland Plaza take a 7 minute drive along Lithia Park on Windburn Way and the Granite Street. Stay to your left around the swimming hole and you will see a non-descrpt dirt pull out to your right.

Parking – The parking “lot” has room for maybe 8 cars, maybe. But you can just park on the side of the road in a number of places nearby if need be.

The Trail – From the parking area look for the steel pipe gate blocks the fire road. You’ll take that trail 50 yards before the official Bandersnatch takes off uphill to your left. A pleasant, winding uphill takes you to a summit in a half mile. Then downhill for a couple hundred yards and another winding mile uphill to the top of a ridge at the Alice in Wonderland trail. This used to be the end of Bandersnatch but a new section of trail now continues down to Ashland Loop Road. Remember, you can turn around at any time, but if you wan t to make a loop of it, continue down Ashland Loop Road. It will become paved and then, at the Crowson Reservoir that looks like a flat metal UFO, Ashalnd Loop turns into dirt again and heads down to Lithia Park. Keep an eye out to you left as you walk downhill and you’ll see a dirt trail that short cuts you back to the parking lot.

Normally, loop trails are better than out-and-back trails, but hiking on Ashland Loop Road is boring. I mean it’s Ashland boring, so it’s still nice, but hiking back on Bandersnatch is much nicer.

Video Tour of Bandersnatch Trail