Alice In Wonderland Trail

A 1 mile trail in the White Rabbit Trail system.

Driving – The 15 minute drive (or 30 minute bike ride) is tricky (and uphill) and includes a mile of single lane dirt road (still wanna ride your bike?) Check our map carefully because the Ashland Loop Road turn off at Morton Street is not obvious.

Parking – You dead end into the decent sized dirt parking lot. Porta-Potties are the only facilities, and that’s only during the busy season (summer?)

Hiking – From the parking lot the Alice in Wonderland trail heads slightly down hill parallel to
Ashland Loop Road for barely a mile. It hits the BTI and Bandersnatch and that’s the end. It’s main purpose is to connect the BTI mountain bike trail and the Bandersnatch hiking trail to the other White Rabbit Trails.

Some trails are rock stars, and other trails are just back up vocalists. Alice in Wonderland? She’s a roadie.

Video Tour of Alice in Wonderland Trail