Railroad District Bike Path

The Railroad District Bike Path is 2.5 miles of paved bike path along the railroad tracks. Nice transport across town but by no means beautiful.

Driving – 3 minutes from Ashland Plaza . Maybe your should walk. Head south on Main Street through town and turn left at the fire station to stay on Main Street. Then, left on 7th Ave until it dead ends into A Street and Railroad Park.

Parking – Lots of curbside parking wall along A Street.

The Trail – Along the chain link fence behind Railroad Park, with it’s restrooms and basketball court and substantial playground, is the beginning of the bike path. About as urban as Ashland gets. The asphalt path runs next to the railroad tracks and heads southeast. It crosses the streets of Mountain, Wightman and Walker and runs past the Hunter Park tennis courts and ball field and dips into Mountain View Cemetery. When you exit the cemetery, you need to follow a service road back towards the railroad tracks and the path follows the tracks to Toleman Creek Road. You can stop there and turn around, or add a mile to your trip by heading up Mistletoe Road to Siskiyou and back down Toleman Creek. A nice 6 mile loop. If you hate dirt, nature, and serenity, this is the place for you. Put on your headphones and get in a nice, level, local workout!

Video Tour of Railroad District Bike Path