Hitt Road

Hitt Road is a 3 mile section of this 10 mile loop trail.

Driving – From Ashland Plaza head up along Lithia Park on WInburn Way.  THis will turn into Granite Street and you’re still right along the park.  Then the road becomes gravel, and the swimming hole and old dam are on the left.  Continue straight when the main road forks to the left and park before you cross Ashland Creek.

Parking – There are dozens of dirt spots between the swimming hole and Ashland Creek and a couple after the creek at the fairy ponds.  After that there is no parking even if you think you can sneak your Mini Cooper somewhere off the road – not allowed.

The Trail – This 10 mile loop can be run, but it’s really more of a mountain bike trail.  The first 5 miles is a constant uphill on a well groomed fire road.  Start at the ubiquitous yellow pipe gate.  At about mile 3 you may notice the Reeder Reservoir to the left but it’s not a great view. But it’s not a great reservoir (no boats, no fishing, no waterpark).  At about mile 4 Horn Gap Road will split to the left but you need to go right.  Seems like we’re heading downhill finally?… Psych.  Just for a second.  Then uphill less than a mile and on your right you will see Road 300.  A small brown Forest Service sign is the closest thing you’ll get to  an actual Hitt Road sign.

Now you go downhill. About a mile on a smooth, shady fire road that ends at a clearing.  There’s a small gate to your left and now you have about 2 miles of bumpy, rocky, single track.  At the end, you become an asphalt road but, watch it big yellow pipe gate is coming up!  Now you ride the roads about 2 miles back to your car.  Turn right on Strawberry.  Then turn right on Granite and take that up along Lithia Park to your car.

Video Tour of Hitt Road