Catwalk Trail

Catwalk Trail is a short 1.5 mile sweeping mountain bike trail from Four Corners to Toothpick Trail.

Driving – This 20 minute drive starts south through town on Main Street/Siskiyou towards the university. Pass the university and in a couple miles, turn right at the stoplight at Toleman Creek Road. Toleman Creek heads straight uphill and then winds around into the mountains. The asphalt will turn into a dirt fire road after a while and then, there will be an intersection with a large, tempting left turn. DON’T take that, it goes up to Mount Ashland.  Your fire road will continue to a large, boulder lined, gravel parking lot at the intersection of the Ashland Loop fire road.

Parking – A large, boulder lined, gravel lot that your car will love!  Room for dozens of Subarus.

The Trail – Facing the parking lot you’ll see a double row of boulders just to the left of the lot – that is the trail head. cat2 You’ll start with a decent drop-off so that will get you in the mood.  There is an early option to bail on the trail and return to the fire road… don’t quit!  Keep biking to the right for the jumps and banks and speed. Serious mountain bikers love this trail. Guys like me, crash on this trail… but still love it.  You will end at Toothpick Trail where you will turn left and take that smooth, rolling trail to the Lamb Saddle and the Ashland Loop fire road. Toothpick Trail loves hikers, so watch for them.  If you are a hiker you CAN hike Catwalk… but it’s really intended for the mountain bikers so be cool and make way for them.

Video Tour of Catwalk Trail