Bull Gap Trail

Bull Gap is the 8 mile long premiere mountain bike trail from the top of Mount Ashland connecting back to Lithia Park. Semi-hiker friendly.

Driving – It’s a 45 minute drive to the top o0f Mount Ashland and the beginning of the Bull Gap trail.  Get on Interstate 5 any way you can and head towards California.  take the Mount Ashland exit and follow the signs.  You will take a right turn soon after you exit the Interstate.  That road winds all the way to the top of Mount Ashland.

Parking – There is an infinite amount of free parking!  When there’s no snow, there are no skiers! But if you’re riding Bull Gap, you shouldn’t be parking up here. How are you getting back up to your car!?  Ashland Mountain Adventures has a shuttle, or you can be all macho and pedal up here, or you can ask your boyfriend real nice to drop you off and then meet you back down in town.

The Trail – Starting a the ski lodge you begin downhill on the one obvious trail.  Be warned, it seems like there’d be bathrooms up there, but everything is closed when the skiers aren’t there.  So the first mile is pretty straight and fast with only a couple turns. You will then hit the official site of Bull Gap.  This is where Toleman Creek/ Ashland Loop dirt roads combine and then connect over to the Mount Ashland road you drove on up to the top.  If you brought the kids, maybe you’d take the Bull Gap fire road to your left, but see the little single track that goes uphill?  Take that.

You only pedal uphill for about 10 minutes, and then it’s all downhill fun.  You will be parallel to the fire road on your left, and occasionally there are connecting trail between the two if you want some diversity. Otherwise, the trail offers a cornucopia of features. Some rocky areas, some fast turns, some runs flatter, some runs steeper, but all manageable for any competent mountain biker.

The official Bull Gap trail ends at The Four Corners. This is still halfway up the mountain so you still have work to do. You can take Ashland Loop fire road or catch the Catwalk trail. Those both take you down to the Lamb Saddle. There, you can grab the Caterpillar trail, or more Ashland Loop which will take you to the White Rabbit trail head.  Here you have many options, but the Alice in Wonderland trail and then the BTI trail finally connect you to Lithia Park.

That is your classic Bull Gap route. But it is only one way to go.  There are many deviations off of  Bull Gap and that is what makes this trail system so much fun.  Explore intelligently.  Ask for maps and advice at any bike shop in Ashland.

Bull Gap is perfect.

Video Tour of Catwalk Trail