BTI Trail

The BTI trail is a short 1 mile “Black Diamond” mountain bike only stretch of trail.

Driving – A 10 minute drive from Ashland Plaza takes you to the White Rabbit trail head. Take Main Street south through town and turn right on Gresham at the library. Go uphill until you hit Holly and turn right. Holly dead ends into Terrace so turn left there. Terrace ends at Ashland Loop road which is an intersection at the Crowson Reservoir. Don’t look for a lake, it looks like an underground cement UFO. Turn left at the UFO and wind along Ashland Loop road until you hit Morton Street. It’s a confusing ‘Y’ intersection so remember to stay right and continue on Ashland Loop Road uphill. Within 300 feet you will become a dirt road. Classic country road etiquette applies here. When you encounter oncoming traffic, creep to the right at a wide section of the road to pass. You’ll have 1 mile of this adventure until the road ends at the parking lot.

Parking – A large dirt lot with an info sign and porty-pottys during the busy season.

The Trail – Starting at the White Rabbit trail head you gotta coast for about a mile down the Alice in Wonderland trail. You’re on the ridge-top following the Ashland Loop road and there are some fun jumps. It’s fast and fun… and busy-ish. Look out for dogs and children. Then you’ll see signs for Bandersnatch Trail – This is what the dogs and children use to get out of your way. The BTI trail is yards away.

This sandy, steep, rutted monster begins winding right away. There’s a 1/2 mile of this awesomeness, or nightmare, depending on your mountain biking skill. Then, you have less than a mile of regular downhill trail ending at the top of the swimming hole a the top of Lithia Park.

If you were skiing, this would be a Black Diamond. Make sure you’re health insurance is paid up before you hit this trail because it will definitely hit you back. Good luck you crazy bastard!

Video Tour of the BTI Trail