Wagner Creek Interpretive Trail

Wagner Creek Interpretive Trail is not much of a trail really.  It’s a nice picnic area on Wagner Creek though.

Driving –This is a short, 15 minute drive.  Head north out of town on Siskiyou/ Route 99 toward Medford and don’t even get on the freeway.  A couple miles up, before you reach the tiny town of Talent look for the tiny road East Rapp Road and turn left. Rapp Road jogs right, then left, then ends at Wagner Creek Road.  Turn left and then enjoy 10 of rural, farmy, countryside.  Keep an eye out on your left for the creekside park the second the asphalt becomes gravel.

Parking – There is room for 3 cars on the left side of the raod, otherwise you park a little further back on the right.

The Adventure – Okay, ‘adventure’ is too strong.  You can picnic.  Walk across the bridge… eat at tables.  The trail along the creek runs 1/4 mile and there’s a nice swimming area right there before you head uphill and return to the beginning slightly higher on the hill.  The numbered signs don’t correlate to anything at all.  Unless you live nearby, this place almost isn’t worth visiting.

Video Tour of Wagner Creek Trail