Rock Quarry

The Rock Quarry has cliff jumping and nudist camping. Both dangerous for different reasons. Enter at your own risk!

Driving – A 50 minute drive from Ashland Plaza past Howard Prairie Lake. Head south through town on Main Street/Siskiyou towards the university. Turn left on Ashland Street towards Interstate 5. Don’t get on the Interstate! Go over it! The road sweeps to the right and you will hit an intersection for Dead Indian Road. Turn left and you’ll head uphill into the mountains for about 40 minutes. After you pass the Hyatt Prairie Road intersection continue about a mile and turn right on Keno Road. Now comes the tricky part. In less than a mile there will be an unmarked dirt road into the trees on your right. Get in there and within 100 feet you’ll see the rock quarry.

Parking – It’s a free for all up here. Just be aware that most nudists are down by the water, and most tent campers are up above in the woods. Let your freak flag fly!

The Adventure – This is an old rock quarry and is not for everyone. There are usually a few campers parked up here who are definitely creepy, and some of them are naked all day, but all seemingly harmless. Sometimes the place is packed, sometimes almost empty. I’ve heard they will hold loud Raves some weekends. Some kids just come up drunk at night with glowsticks and weed. BUT… there are some families camping up here and some young couples just come to splash around in the quarry. I can’t vouch for anything up here, all I know is that the cliffs aren’t too too scary to jump off of, and the water is warm, and it’s a unique thing to do if you have a few hours. Warning! Don’t be stupid! Help is a long ways away. Know thyself.

Video Tour of The Rock Quarry