Rock Climbing Emigrant Lake

The Rock Climbing area at Emigrant Lake is right on the water, close to parking, and completely unmarked.

Driving– This is a 15 minute drive from Ashland Plaza. Head out of town south towards California. If you are on Main Street/ Siskiyou you will turn left on Ashland Street towards Interstate 5. Cross the freeway and continue towards Emigrant Lake as your road swoops to the right and is renamed Greensprings Highway Route 66.

You can turn left just before the official entrance to Emigrant Lake on Corp Ranch Road, turn right on Beaton Lane and park in a semi-legal spot to save yourself 4 bucks. You’ll see an old trail along a dry creek bed headed towards the lake. You’re taking a chance and you have a little more to walk, but it make the day more of an adventure.

The normal entrance to Emigrant Lake takes you past the dam and to the “Money Payin’ Shack.” Pay your $4 and drive past everything. Past the boat ramp. Into the RV camping area.

Parking – A 4 car gravel parking lot half way through the RV camping area has a trail sign at the back of it. You paid your 4 bucks. Park like you own the place!

The Adventure – The Trail is maybe a quarter mile along the lake. It just plain ends at the rocks. The hike is an easy no brainer as long as you don’t roll around in the poison oak – it. is. every. where! If you are a rock climber, you should immediately see a number of routes with bolts and chains and all that crap. I am not so I got some gear and help at The Ashland Outdoor Store in town. Poison Oak Wall and Aqua Wall seem to be the most popular routes and Emigrant Lake is open year round so have fun and try not to fall on your head.

Video Tour of Rock Climbing Emigrant Lake