Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls is an area of 2 miles of well maintained trails taking you to great fall views and Rogue River bouldering. A great side trip on your way to somewhere else.

Driving – Mill Creek Falls is a 1 hour drive from Ashland Plaza. Get on Interstate 5 north towards Medford and exit on Crater Lake Drive in Medford. Yes you are going towards Crater Lake, but you’ll stop before you fall in, don’t worry. Drive through Medford, White City, Shady Cove, past Long Creek Lake, along the Rogue River and turn right on the Prospect Access Road. It’s a small road. Once you pass the Lake, keep an eye out, it’s a couple miles up.
The Access Road will dead end into Mill Creek Drive, turn left, about 1 mile and the Mill Creek Falls parking area will be on your right.

Parking – Free paved parking provided by the great state of Oregon. Garbage cans not emptied by the not-so-great state of Oregon.

The Adventure – The first 1/4 mile is downhill toward the river gorge. It hits a ‘T’. To the right are the viewpoints for Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls. To the left are “The Boulders.” Both are about 1/2 mile in. Any grandparent can get to the falls viewpoint, but the boulder area requires some scrambling. Wheelchairs and strollers are not going to like it.
This is a great picnic/ pullout spot on the way to somewhere else, not really a destination.

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Video Tour of Mill Creek Falls