Lost Falls

Lost Falls is a hard to find waterfall behind Grizzly Peak. The hike is easy, but the drive is tricky.

Driving – This is the most important part of the trail so listen up. There are a number of dirt roads between you and this waterfall. Start out of town south on Siskiyou Blvd (the old 99) towards California. Turn left on Ashland Street (the old 66) towards interstate 5 – cross the 5, swoop to your right and take the left turn, no stoplight, no stop sign, on Dead Indian Memorial Road.
Take that about 10 minutes uphill and look for Shale City Road to the left. There are signs, but they come up quick. 3 miles in on that asphalt road you”ll se the “Grizzly Peak” left turn sign… DON’T TAKE IT! Go straight. You’ll pass the Farm Store and Willow Witt Ranch and the next significant intersection has a large sign saying “$500 reward for any information on Cow Killers or Cattle Rustlers.” Seriously. So veer right at that sign.
The next left turn takes you off the asphalt and onto gravel. It’s 1 mile from that last intersection and officially Road # 38 2E 11. Take it 1.7 miles and the next intersection is a ‘Y’. Take the left spur, officially Road #37 2E 13. That gravel road twists and turns – crosses the creek at a sharp left turn, and 200 yards later there is a significant pull out to the left. There are no signs, but if you’ve hiked one trail in your life, you’ll see the trail.

Parking – Room for 4 cars at the tail head or else you’re in the grass off the side of the road.

The Adventure – From the back of the parking area the trail obviously heads towards the creek. It continues about a mile sometimes crossing the creek and other times venturing away for a while. The occasional un-cleard tree is just a ruse to keep the weak away from these secret falls. Ultimately, you will emerge from a stand of pine into a clearing and rocky overlook. Amazing, right?

Video Tour of Lost Falls