FootGolf is ten holes of golf using soccer balls.  It’s the Wallyball or bumper pool of golf.  You have to embrace the unique.

Driving – From Ashland Plaza it’s a 12 minute drive to Oak knoll golf course.  Drive south on Main Street which becomes Siskiyou Drive towards the university.  Turn left on Ashland Street towards the interstate. Don’t get on the interstate!  Go over it!  Now, the road sweeps 90 degrees to the right and you’re headed towards Emigrant Lake.  Quickly you’ll pass the Dead Indian Road intersection on your left so keep a keen eye out to your right for the Oak Knoll Golf Course sign  Turn right and wind your way through the golf course to the club house.

Parking – Park just like you’re a fancy golfer in the fancy paved lot with fancy painted lines!

The ActivityFootgolf is exactly like regular golf… except instead of clubs you bring a soccer ball (or rent one for $3). And instead of cleats, you wear tennis shoes. And instead of practice and skill, you just bring your feet. Just walk into the club house like real golfers, pay your $8 ($4 for kids), get your scorecard, and walk out to the first tee. You may need a tee time. Weirdly, you will be mixed in with the regular golfers. Your party waits it’s turn, and when the fairway is clear, start kicking! The giant orange flags you are aiming for are in different spots than the greens. And after the first hole, your subsequent “kick off” areas are mixed around the course. It’s kind of an adventure figuring out where the FootGolf course is compared to the regular golf course. It’s close, but different.

Best part of FootGolf – like regular golf it’s mostly just a different way to drink a couple beers with your friends outside for a couple hours. That’s my golfing M.O. anyway.

Video Tour of FootGolf