Fairy Ponds

The Fairy Ponds are a stretch of Ashland Creek with a number of pools created by the locals for lounging.  A groovy place to chillax off the grid.

Driving – This 10 minute drive start through Lithia Park on Winburn Way.  You will hit Grantie Street so turn left to continue following Ashland Creek uphill.  The road becomes gravel and you’re almost there.  The road intersects with a sweeping left turn that goes around the swimming hole.  Don’t take that! Continue straight and park to your left.

Parking – Don’t park with all those swimming hole people! Drive just 100 yards further and park just past where the creek runs under the road.

The Adventure – For about a half mile up from the road Ashland Creek has dozens of natural and hippie made pools to splash around in – big rocks to stretch out on – sticks to throw for your dog – and a wide, flat, grassy area great for an informal, barefoot wedding. The trail along the creeks peters out after awhile, so you can hike on some trails uphill to the right, but they’re not great. What is great? The cool pools in the summer. AKA the Fairy Ponds. Don’t be surprised if you run accross some naked people. Rumor has it that years before it was legal, some kids would hang out here and smoke marijuana. Crazy right? And that just led to guitar playing and hammocks and napping… it was madness.

Video Tour of The Fairy Ponds