Buddhist Temple

Tashi Choling, a buddhist temple in a secluded mountain area near the California border. It’s a semi-public pace to meditate also with a calendar of events.

Driving – This 40 minute drive starts with you heading to Interstate 5 by taking Main Street/ Siskiyou south towards the University  Turn left on Ashland Street till it hits the Interstate.  Head towards California.  Take the first exit towards Mount Ashland.  After the exit you’ll take a quick right up towards the mountain top. Then, in less than a mile, you’ll turn left onto Colestin Road.  Then you have 15 minutes on a dirt road.  When you arrive at a 5 way intersection with Nepal Road, you’ll see a sign for Taoling Cholin and you’ll take that “driveway” for a quarter mile to the “Statue Garden.”

Parking – You just pull off the road into a field (try not to roll over any bugs!) You can continue your drive up the hill to the monastery for scheduled events.

Visiting – The bottom of the hill has a mini mall of Hindu Gods.  You can spin the drums and say prayers or just look at the giant Shivas and Ganeshs and hit the sign in book in the little hut at the end.  It is very calm and peaceful and by that I mean… don’t bring the kids if you have an option. I’m sure your kids are quiet and lovely, but I’m also sure someone else might appreciate a slightly quieter and lovelier place to pray.

Stroll on over to the pond and little island. Cool, right?  Seems like there’d be golf balls in that little water hazard, but trust me – there’s not.

If the road is open, you can drive uphill to the real temple.  Sometimes there are events and some monks live up there, so take care.  Don’t get me wrong, go up if you can, it’s fantastic, just be, I dunno, zen-like.

Here’s the place to unplug from the wall charger and plug into the Universe.

Video Tour of Tashi Choling