Acid Castle Rocks

The Acid Castle Rocks are a collection of large boulders on a hillside above Lithia Park. It’s view-tastic!

Driving – A 2 minute drive from Ashland Plaza. Take Windburn Way along Lithia Park and quickly turn right on Nutley. You’ll head up a steep hill and will turn left towards the top on Alnut. Alnut hits Strawberry Lane and you’ll turn right there. The next left is Hitt Road… Take it! On the left you’ll see a pull out that seems like a city access road for some utility pipes… it doesn’t say No Parking, so… bingo.

Parking – Pull into the spur road off of Hitt Road.

The Adventure – The Acid Castle Rocks are a short hike to fantastic views. Some prefer to call them the “Castle Boulders” but that diminishes the fact that many people come up here to smoke and drink (and possibly drop acid) and check out the views of the park and city below. Don’t fret, during the day there are families and dogs and children so it’s not a den of crime. However, it’s kinda trashed with too many discarded cans and bottles.

The boulders can be tricky. If you’re clumsy or really stoned, you could fall and break your neck – probably why this area isn’t on any legitimate map. I officially advise you not to go here! Officially.

So “don’t” take the trail from the parking area for about 200 yards to the base of the boulder area. Also, “don’t” walk up Hitt Road until it becomes dirt and then continue for a couple hundred yards where you’ll have to really pay attention to your left for the trails that head down to the boulders.

Video Tour of The Acid Castles